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Natural Foods from Seed to Stomach
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This community is for people who are interested in any aspect of using whole foods - where they come from, how to store them, their nutritive values and how to cook them. We welcome conversation and recipes from vegans to omnivores and anywhere between. You don't have to be 100% into natural eating to join - just interested in putting healthier foods in your body. Beginners and people who have had whole foods in their life for a long time should all be able to come together here to share their information and questions.

This isn't really a place to debate vegan versus omivore etc - there is a great community, wholefoods, for that if you're interested in the debate. Recipes using commercial and cheese meat substitutes aren't appropriate here, either. Although they're great for veg*an cooking, the amount of processing that they undergo take them pretty far from the "natural" spectrum. To clarify - tofu, seitan and tempeh are permissable because they can be made in your kitchen from whole food ingredients. Products with anything synthetic in them are not ok, though. Examples of what we don't want to see: soy protein isolate, hydrogenated anything, artificial colors or flavors, preservatives, irradiated or chemically treated foods.

Meats are welcome with the exception ingredients that involve blatent cruelty to animals - veal and fois gras recipes for example.

We have what used to be weekly, but now is an occassional food challenge with it's theme given on Friday. Please feel free to post any of your creations - recipes or photos though. I definitely don't want to limit posting to what the theme is - the reason for the theme is inspiration, not limitation.

If you're posting a recipe that is not your own, please give credit where it's due. If you have the time, please link to the website or an online retailer for the book that it came from, that would be greatly appreciated by our members.

New Members Please give us a quick intro - what you hope to get out of this community and one of your favorite recipes. Thanks :-)

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